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‘Antiquity’ is a non linear film examining our relationship with historical artefacts and the technologies that document them. This video is a recording as the film runs in real time.The composition is automated according to probability, once set to play it will perpetually reassemble itself.

This work takes a 3D scan from the collection at Lincoln (, of a medieval artefact released under a creative commons license. It then analyses and manipulates this through a number of digital processes. While offering greater fidelity, this digitization also offers greater opportunity to distort and manipulate the imagery. All audio within ‘Antiquity’ is derived from medieval era instruments such as clavichord or church bells. Having been processed heavily through digital techniques, these tones and forms appear out of context to the original subject matter.

Through the application and subversion of the methods used in recording our reality, this piece hopes to highlight and examine our relationship with the media we create, as well as our perceptions of its authenticity.
This film is created in TouchDesigner and Ableton live.



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