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Exigency - personalbrand

(with Szu Hsien)

Music by personalbrand with Szu Hsien
Visuals by Laurence Cleary

To visualise the themes of EXIGENCY and the SHARED UNREALITIES EP we set out to create uncanny imagery that appeared odd and lacking in authenticity. The animations are made in Blender but many of the 3D objects were created using photogrammetry. The reasons to use photogrammetry were both practical and aesthetic. It allowed us to collaborate despite the pandemic keeping us physically apart, with personalbrand sending me photos of a few choice objects taken from their surroundings in Taipei, which I then recreated as 3D renders and animated back in London. Juxtaposed with these glitchy but seemingly authentic images are hyperreal representations of fictional products, all being constantly broken, merged and pulled apart. Finally, the press release for the EP, written by personalbrand in collaboration with an online AI, is scattered throughout the video, animating beneath the surface and at times punching through the visuals.


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